About Esselar


ESSELAR Manhole cover, a green and innovative composite product from the production house of Smithline Reinforced Composites FZ-LLC, an industrial expert in Fiberglass pipes and fittings established in Ras Al khaimah free zone since 2006.

Engineered without compromise and achieving reduced carbon footprint in production, Esselar manhole covers have a proven reputation for performance and reliability of more than 8 years in the GCC market. We use frontline technology with world class machinery to achieve optimum production and minimal wastage. With the strength of our motivated work force of about 180 employees, most of whom are well experienced and trained in the field of composite fiberglass industry. We achieve an optimum production output of more than 3000 covers/month. We also have a state of the art Equipment for testing and quality control facility complying with ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards. We have designed our covers to be lightweight for easy and safe manual removal without compromising on load bearing capacity. Available Load ratings are BSEN 124 D 400(40 tonne), BSEN 124 C 250 (25 tonne), BSEN 124 B 125(12.5 tonne) and BSEN 124 A 15(1.5 tonne).

Custom covers can be made in any color or even incorporate custom logos or markings molded into the upper surface of the cover for product or brand identification.

Why Choose Composite Manhole Covers


Environmental friendly. Low carbon foot print. [Clean earth, Green Economy].

Two key features supporting manhole covers in composite material compared to cast iron:
1. Lower energy consumption, thanks to the temperature for the manufacture (70°C for Esselar manhole cover compared with 1200°C for cast iron manhole cover) and
2. Lower transport impact, thanks to the reduced weight (it is possible to load a quantity of Esselar manhole covers three times higher than cast iron manhole covers).

Heavy duty and corrosion free.

Esselar manhole covers are resistant to chemicals and are not subject to rust and corrosion caused by constant exposure to atmospheric agents. It is unaffected by underground gases and most chemicals For this reason it never needs to be re-painted, and products are particularly suitable in areas with flammable liquids such as fuel filling stations and storage plants, significantly reducing the risk of ignition from sparks over ferrous materials.

Various classes of manhole covers are available as per International Standard.

We have BSEN 124 D 400 load rated manhole covers for use in heavy traffic, diesel lanes, truck stops or bus depots and expressways. Then we have BSEN 124 C 250 medium duty covers for use in areas with normal traffic and car parking area. BSEN 124 B 125 load rated covers are suitable for use in pedestrian and walkways. Finally we have A15 (1.5tonne) suitable for surface boxes and protective covers available on request.

Minimum interference to the radio frequencies.

It is the best solution in case of underground antenna applications like automated water meter reading, sewage monitoring systems, etc. due to low interference towards modern communication devices.

Low noise pollution.

Composites have lower density than cast iron. It deadens the noise and disturbance caused by vehicles driving over installed covers.

Eliminates risk of theft due to no scrap/resale value.

The value of scrap iron is rising and the number of thefts is impacting on costs to public authorities and service companies. Besides the economic impact caused by the theft of products, there is also the risk of serious accidents and injuries caused by dangerous openings on the road.

Lightweight and Easy to handle.

  • Our manhole covers are 3 Times lighter than steel.
  • It is available in various shapes Round, square and rectangular.
  • Optional Watertight gaskets available with proven performance under load.
  • Anti-slip surface (various patterns available).
  • Monolithic structure eliminates delaminating.
  • Available in any color(standard pallet available) – UV stable so will not flake or crack.
  • Manufacturing facility ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 18001:2007 accredited.
  • Excellent insulator against heat.