Manhole Chambers


  • Pre-fabricated GRP manhole chambers are easy to install over civil foundation or compacted soil surface
  • Heavy duty class manhole D400 as per BSEN 124
  • Fabricated in variable sizes from DN 600 to DN 1600 mm diameter
  • All GRP manholes chambers are equipped with manhole lid, cable slack brackets, center rails, holes which are drilled and capped as per client requirement.
  • Rust proof and leak proof manhole lid which is also locked to prevent theft
  • All cable holes are provided with rubber gasket which will ensure leak tightness
  • Additional cable holes can be drilled with ease, using hole saw cutter.
  • 4 Times lighter than steel, ease of installation under all weather conditions
  • Height as per site requirements.
Frame Legs to prevent
ratling & rotation
Hinges Lockable Leak proof Gasket Option for
Sealing Plate
Sealing Plate
Yes No No Yes Yes No No
A Replacement to concrete manhole chamber. Pre-fabricated GRP manhole chambers are simple to install over a civil establishment or compacted soil surface.

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