Sustainable Development Goals

At Smithline, our goals are not limited to our business. Our approach is futuristic with a responsible outlook to the environment around us. Our first step of gratitude and responsibility towards our environment is to take sustainable measures. Our company objectives are carefully weighed to align with our sustainable goals as we strive to deliver premium quality products and services.

Our 6 Sustainable development goals are:


Our products are manufactured for and used by people. Therefore, our consumer is our greatest asset and concern. We want to ensure that our stakeholders are healthy and spread knowledge including all women and children.


Everyone requires to grow into a strong, inclusive and transformative economy with the a good value for their economic returns.


To protect our biodiversity and Eco systems for future generations and the upcoming societies.


Catalyze and support global solidarity in increasing more sustainable development.


Promoting safe and peaceful societies is a base for building strong institutions.


Poverty is never justified and inequality should never be tolerated.